#oh sorry you can’t even cope with how sansa grows throughout book one #no patience for people who only love her when she stands up to joffrey #this is the evolution of one girl’s descent into reality #she is being ripped from childhood and told 40 different things about who to trust and what to do #and her knight in shining armor turns out to be a horrible person #and her father doesn’t even understand her #this loving man she adores doesn’t even know she doesn’t like dolls #i mean haven’t we all had that? #where we expect someone to know and love us completely #and then it turns out they expect us to be someone else? #it’s hard okay #and for sansa it means rebelling in little ways #i mean JFC she just says some snarky shit okay #i mean the **oh wait. i just realized i don’t care* line is FUCKING FANTASTIC #in conclusion #sansa stark #is better than you

#Yes just all of this #Her entire character arc is just completely beautiful #The way she begins to understand how the world around her works and #how she learns to play the game in the only way she knows how #Her progression and ability to continue growing emotionally physically and mentally in a world where she’s being thrown every single punch #is just absolutely beautiful to me #It’s her strength and endurance and growth that make her an amazing character and person